Saturday, 31 January 2015

My love

To whom it may concern ,
  I've known you for so long.From the day i could walk till the moment i'm writing this letter of my heart.

  I don't know what to say actually and i feel a bit nervous writing this letter.I don't know whether you will read this.But if you're ever to read this, it would be one of the greatest wonderful memories i will ever have !
  The english proverb may say "To err is human" but in my collection of proverbs says "Wallahi you are perfect!"
  At first, i didn't really understand why people had obsessive love towards you.They would give their lives in order to protect you, their back would become your shield from unlettered arrow piercing your heart, and their bodies would defend you from being slashed by swords.
  But now, i understand, really understand why.Because you are here to perfect good manners.If you are gone, then everything will bygone.I would not exist in this truth path.
  Your life has mesmerized me.I tried to follow your life.I tried to be like you.I've tried and i'm still trying but i've failed many times.You have inspired me many times.
  I have never tested with the death of my closest kin.But you underwent a complete suffering.You were an orphan when you were young! You lost your parents,uncle,grandfather.You raised yourself by being a shepherd.But my life was fulfilled with everything needed from me. You have taught me the meaning of "No pain no gain".
  Your existence has made me in love with you.You are my love.I love you because you love Allah and you make me closer to Allah.
  Some people may say that i'm gay saying that i love man.It's abnormal others may claim.But please judge me all you want, keep the verdicts to yourself, because no matter who you love, they will always be obstacles and critics and good looks on everything.
  I do love you, but i have never seen you.I have one request.My request is, when is it the time for me to meet you ? When will we sit down together and chit chat ? When can we share ? Isn't sharing is caring ?
  Huhu... it's kinda imposible for me to meet a great man such as yourself.
  Yeah. I'm not taugh to love your physical attributes. I haven't seen you but yet, you are so close to me. I know that i can't reach you but yet you are here.
  I remember your call before you passed away.
  But now i'm waiting for you to call me again in the judgment day. Because i'm nothing without you.
  I love you!
  You are Rasulullah,and I...
  I'm in love!
The one needing you,
Muhammad Firhat bin Raihan